May 16, 2008

You Can Have It All ...

John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." Yes, everyday we plan something but we experience some other reality. But the things which count most are keeping our shoulder high and moving forward.

Just think about Mary Kay Ash who after working for 30 years as a sales representative, one day suddenly found that she was passed over for promotion in favor of men. At that very moment, she resigned from the company and decided to launch her own business.

As the thought so the decision, with the initial 5000 dollars - every cent she had, Mary Kay planned out her business. But a month before she was to open her business, her husband died of a heart attack, right at their kitchen table.

Most people would never have been able to go on after that event but not Mary Kay. She kept going and launched May Kay Cosmetics. And now, Mary Kay Cosmetics grosses over 2 billion dollars at retail every year, spreading its wings to 37 countries with 8,00,000 representatives.

Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. But most of the people elect a state first, and then try to remain in it. Sorry, we can not remake our self without suffering … nah!!

May 2, 2008

Where Did Their Love Go ...

Four young women had one major common desire that they all wanted to become professional singer. As the chances weren’t coming in a big way, they started performing in local night clubs. But they didn’t have to wait for long, opportunity came along their way and they got a change to cut an album. But when the album got released, it shocked them. It was a huge flop!

Months later, they recorded their second album, but it got the same blow as like the previous one. In that way, their third, fourth, fifth and on through their ninth album were all flop. So their reaction? Keep doing what the heart follows because it’s better to fail at something we love to do than a success at something we don’t.

So they forged ahead with a greater passion and released a single, “Where Did Our Love Go?’ Within few weeks that single hit the chart on the top and the music industry got a new musical sensation, Diana Ross & The Supremes, the all-girl-band who were the most successful singing group during the Rock and Roll era, second only to The Beatles in charts and sales.

Yes, no one can defeat us unless we first defeat our self … on one!