July 31, 2010


Jab Bhi Tu Milta Hai
Tujhme Naya Sa Kuch Milta Hai Mujhe
Aei Dost Tu Mujhe Meri Tarah Hi Dikhta Hai
Jab Bhi Tu Milta Hai
Har Subah Ke Sath Mere Wo Muskurata Hua Chehra
Yeh Teri Duaka Asar Rang Lata Hai
Jab Bhi Tu Milta Hai
~ Kiran K Singh
Friends, friendship or friendship day—what’s more important?

1. Friends. It means you are more concern about the counter-operation than co-operation. Gita says, love but don’t get addicted either to love or the lover. Here, you’re addicted.

2. Friendship. Here, you enjoy the process because you’re not driven by the outcomes. You value it not because your friend has a Shahrukh-kinda smile, Ritwik-kinda dancing skill or Salman-kinda waxed figure or Abishekh-kinda surname or Ambani-kinda bank balance. Here, you value your friends because you value friendship. It’s your instinct that drives you, not the reasons. You celebrate it because you value the celebration.

3. Friendship day. Why do you need reasons to celebrate? Yes, why limit your celebration only for 24 hours, whereas you can celebrate it anytime you want.

Every second is a moment. And every moment can be celebrated. What’s wrong, if you don’t limit the celebration within a day!

July 20, 2010

God Didn't Create Fear ...

On my last trip to Kolkata, I met a linguistic historian. As usual like all other historians, he was busy telling what he knew and surprisingly, he succeeded. Because he was telling about folk music and I never minded to be a listener here. Then, he shared this 700 year old folk song and swept me over in a minute. Though, he couldn’t remember the tune but I didn’t forget to remember the opportunity to record the conversation. Here’re the awesome lines:

Synopsis: Maa Yashoda was going to the river and the little Krishna was following. Yashoda said: “No, don’t come! There is haung (a term to frighten children).” Krishna replied: “Mother, I have created all. Tell me, who has created this haung? I’d go with you, show me the haung.”