February 20, 2009

Love At First Sight: Do You Believe In It?

Love is an accident … waiting to happen
Desire is a stranger … you think you know
Intimacy is a lie … we tell ourself
Truth is a game … we play to win
If you believe in love at first sight
.... You’ll never stop looking.

Have you seen the movie, Closer, starring a pretty woman whose smile looks as like Mona Lisa and an actor for whom even grown-up girls can break any law?

Yes, what you have just read at the top, are from the promo of that movie – starring Julia Roberts and Jude Law.

Now the question is: do you believe in love at first sight? Maybe you don’t believe in it. Chances are that you haven’t experienced it. It’s tough to put in words and tougher to convince someone to believe it. It just happens.

Let’s see what an expert says about it – an expert who has authored the book, Love at First Sight: The Stories and Science Behind Instant Attraction.

To write that book, Earl Naumann has interviewed huge group of people and experienced that 66% of all ages and ethnic groups believe there is something called "love at first sight." Let’s have a look to the other findings:

• 50% of the people who falls in love at fight sight got married to that person, and about 75% of those are still married. Cool!

• When people fall in love at first sight, their bond gets stronger and more passionate as the couple fall in love not with someone’s credential or wealth but the person they saw for the first time.

• Men are more likely to fall in love at first sight since they rarely care about the background. But women miss out this opportunity as they usually tend not to express their feelings. Ouch!

Now, what’s your take on that? Give reasons for and against? Do you believe in love at first sight? If you find, “Hey this is the PERSON,” would you go all out? Let’s discuss …


WarmSunshine said...

hey Roy... how are you? I've come here after quite some time.. nice post... made me think :P

Vyzz said...

first sight..it never materialises..haha


Roy said...


Hei, it’s cool around here (even the weather :-D)

Yes, this is really to think about as I love to people make think.
Have a cool time in thinking.

@ Vyo!

Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes it’s materializes. One my friend has a cool story abt that :)


Divi said...

Hey Roy,

Its really such nice feel...
i like this post...

Me Divya from chennai (anonymous man)

Roy said...

Hi Divya,

Thanks for taking the initiative to erase my frightening effect.

Nice to know, you like it.

Chennai—“Jai Ho!"


workhard said...

Thats a cool post with a very differnet perspective..Although i dont believe in love at first sight.. im skeptical now....

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