July 20, 2010

God Didn't Create Fear ...

On my last trip to Kolkata, I met a linguistic historian. As usual like all other historians, he was busy telling what he knew and surprisingly, he succeeded. Because he was telling about folk music and I never minded to be a listener here. Then, he shared this 700 year old folk song and swept me over in a minute. Though, he couldn’t remember the tune but I didn’t forget to remember the opportunity to record the conversation. Here’re the awesome lines:

Synopsis: Maa Yashoda was going to the river and the little Krishna was following. Yashoda said: “No, don’t come! There is haung (a term to frighten children).” Krishna replied: “Mother, I have created all. Tell me, who has created this haung? I’d go with you, show me the haung.”

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Kabeer said...

nice one :)